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Get Sleep Apnea Treatment, Not Sleep Divorced

With COVID-19 keeping couples locked together in their homes indefinitely, it’s no wonder there’s an anticipated surge in divorces. The financial stress, and coming to terms with morality have people questioning whether they’re happy in their marriages. Although there might be a rise in divorces, sleep divorces are even more common. When one or both partners snore through the night, sometimes couples sleep divorce. This means they sleep in separate bedrooms to escape the loud snores through the night. Fortunately, with the right sleep apnea or snoring treatment, you or your partner can stop snoring for good.

The Rise of Sleep Divorces

If your partner prevents you from getting a good night of sleep, or you’re preventing your partner from getting a good night of sleep due to your loud snoring, something needs to change. 12 percent of Americans have actually filed for a sleep divorce – opting to sleep in separate bedrooms. Nearly 30 percent of American couples have discussed getting a sleep divorce at some point or another. Not all of these sleep divorces are related to snoring. Some couples complain that their partner hogs the blankets or bed, they toss and turn, or get up frequently.

For some couples, sleeping apart can benefit their relationship while for others, it can hurt their relationship. However, if you continue to sleep in the same bed and deal with bad sleep, one person may resent the other. Sleep deprivation can also lead to more arguments down the line.

The History of Sharing a Bed

Sharing a bed with your partner wasn’t established as normal until the 1970’s. During Victorian times, couples only slept in the same bed out of necessity and it keeps warm. Most families actually shared the same bed unless they were from an upper family, then they would have separate beds. Servants actually slept with their ladies and lords so they could tend to them at every waking (and sleeping) moment.

In the mid-19th century, separate beds became the norm again. This was to stop spreading germs and to mark women’s newly found independence. In the 1970’s, separate beds were once again thought of as old fashioned and prudish. Double beds have been the norm ever since.

Don’t Get a Sleep Divorce For Snoring – Get Treatment

Don’t let snoring be the cause of your need for a sleep divorce. Instead, you can get sleep apnea or snoring treatment from us at Bite Align. Our sleep dentist can find the perfect oral appliance to meet your needs and stop your snoring for good, like the DNA Appliance. Both you and your partner can get a well-deserved night of rest and never listen to loud snores again. Please contact our dental office in Fort Atkinson to request an appointment to discuss your treatment options. If you need a sleep test to confirm a sleep apnea diagnosis, we can refer you for a sleep test and diagnosis from a physician.

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