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4 Causes Of Jaw And Ear Pain

It’s possible to experience jaw and ear pain simultaneously for lots of different reasons. Although your ears and jaws are located in different areas, their close proximity can affect one another. Oftentimes when you develop a medical condition in your mouth, jaw, or ear, it can cause referred pain in the jaw and ear. If you’re experience jaw and ear pain at the same time, it might be due to the following problems.

1. TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders are one of the most common causes of jaw and ear pain. This is due to the temporomandibular joint being adjacent to the temporal bone which is apart of the inner ear. When the temporomandibular joint becomes inflamed it can cause pain and discomfort in the ears as well as the jaw. People might experience a muffled sound in the ears accompanied by pain. If you suspect TMJ is the culprit, visiting Bite Align for a TMJ consultation is the best place to start. With the right TMJ treatment, we can resolve your ear and jaw pain for good.

Symptoms of TMJ include clicking or popping noise in the jaw when opening and closing your mouth, pain when chewing, headaches or constant migraines, ear ringing, hearing loss, shoulder and neck pain, and even teeth shifting. Please schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

2. Dental Issues

If you have periodontal disease, cavities, dental abscesses, or a build-up of bacteria on your gums and teeth, it can cause severe pain in your jaw and ears. If you experience tooth sensitivity, pain in your face, loose teeth, sensitivity to cold or hot beverages, or swelling in the gums, it’s best to get checked out by your dentist. Treating your dental problems might be all you need to relieve jaw and ear pain.

3. Swimmer’s Ear

You may have experienced swimmer’s ear at some point in your life. It generally occurs from an injury like tearing the ear’s lining or water exposure that causes bacteria to form in the outer ear. These bacteria can cause painful symptoms like ear and jaw pain. If you believe you injured your ear or recently got water in your ear, visiting a doctor to see if you have swimmer’s ear can help you treat your pain.

4. Arthritis

Although most people don’t think about getting arthritis in the jaw, it can occur. Osteoarthritis can occur in the temporomandibular joint which can cause ear and jaw pain. It usually develops from wear and tear to the cartilage surrounding the joint over time. Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis can also cause jaw and ear pain because it causes the immune system to attack healthy joints. This can cause joint pain throughout the body including the temporomandibular joint.

Get Treatment for Ear and Jaw Pain

One of the best ways to treat jaw and ear pain is to rule out what causes it. Visiting Bite Align in Fort Atkinson for a consultation can help you identify if TMJ is the cause or a condition that affects the temporomandibular joint. Please call 920-563-7323 or book an appointment online today.

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